Dave Burnham – Connecticut Freelance Writer For Hire

Q – What writing and editorial services do you offer?
A – The full list can be found on the Writing Services page. Are you looking for something that’s not listed? Contact me about your publication or project, and we’ll see if we can work together.

Q – Where can I find examples of your work?
A – Please take a look at the Published Features page.

Q – How do I contact you?
A – By visiting the Contact page or by e-mail. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Q – What are your rates?
A – Because every project and client has their own special needs, I don’t have a standard rate schedule. Every assignment is priced individually to suit the needs of the project, such as time needed for phone calls, meetings, research and writing.

Q – How will I be billed?
A – Once we have agreed on the scope, deadline and pricing of the project and signed my proposal, I request a 50% deposit (payable either by PayPal or check) before I start your project. You will then be invoiced for the balance after the draft content has been submitted to you. That amount will then be due within 30 days of the invoice date.

Q – Are there extra charges for revisions?
A – All revisions are included in the project fee providing I receive them within 30 days of you receiving the draft content. This only changes if you change the overall direction or content of the material or if the project is being billed on a per hour basis.

Q – Can you write for me if you have no experience in my subject?
A – Providing the subject matter is legal, yes I can. I’ll prepare for writing in your niche by speaking with you and researching/learning about the subtleties of your business and target audience. As a writer, I’m naturally curious. I’m versatile and adaptable and enjoy learning and writing about new subjects.

Q – Do you write assignments yourself, or do you outsource?
I write everything myself. I may outsource some tasks such as proofreading, but the final product is always mine.

Q – How do we stay in contact?

I stay in touch with my clients via e-mail. When a project is underway, we will put together a check-in schedule to assess progress. Before working with a new client, I like to conduct a 10 – 15 minute phone interview to discuss your project.

Q – Have a question that is not listed?
Get in touch to discuss your needs now.