Sales Flyers Part One

After a sales brochure, the next and most important marketing tool for a small business promoting its product or service is a sales flyer. Also called a sales sheet, marketing flyer, sell sheet, handbill, cut sheet or leaflet, sales flyers are inexpensive and effective methods of grabbing the attention of a potential customer.

A sales flyer is a single-sheet, direct, to the point marketing tool that highlights a product or service. Among the many benefits for using sales flyers are:

1) They are a great method of spreading your marketing message
2) They are an ideal way to promote a special deal and
3) They instantly make a positive impression.

Flyers are often used for announcing events such as concerts, car shows, club openings or personal appearances. They can also be used for:

• A leave-behind – with a business card and note – when making cold calls
• Trade show or conference information handouts
• Information about a new product or service
• A follow-up mailer to a potential customer who has requested more information
• An e-mail attachment to follow up a phone conversation with a potential new customer

Sales flyers are ideal for use as folder inserts, trade show materials or mailers. When inserted into media kits or brochure folders, sales flyers are a cost-effective and efficient method of keeping your product information up-to-date.

A sales flyer must do the following:

• Describe the benefits of your product or service
• Be direct and to the point
• Make a clear offer
• Tell the potential customer what to do next
• Provide urgency
• Provide contact information or an order form
• Provide factual information and exciting image of your product

A flyer can often be a temporary marketing tool, meaning they are valid up to a certain date.

For example, if you are promoting a special event, the flyer would only be valid until the date of the event.

Most sales flyers are sized 8.5″ x 11″ and normally printed single sided. Some sales flyers need to be a smaller size, half the size of the standard 8.5″ x 11″ flyer, for example. If you choose this size, try not to cram too much information on it and clutter the flyer. This can distract from the message and intent of your sales flyer.

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